The New iPhone SE Vs iPhone 6S, What Are the Important Differences?

You could be excused for not noticing, but Apple has released a new iPhone, the iPhone SE. If you have been waiting for the iPhone 6S Mini, then you may be disappointed, but the new iPhone SE punches well above its weight. The iPhone SE is basically an iPhone 5 body, packed full of all the new technology that makes the iPhone 6S so popular.

Apple has been known for continually updating both its phones and also the hardware and accessories associated with them, so the reuse of the iPhone 5 body will be a surprise to most Apple customers, but it comes with a wide variety of different benefits.

The first and one of the biggest advantages is size. Apple has gone against the recent tablet-sized smartphones to produce a phone that is almost half the weight and size of the iPhone 6S. Its smaller size, weight, and square shape bring back the one-handed phone style that even people with small hands can embrace.

The iPhone 6S has a slightly better display than the iPhone SE, but the smaller price tag and size make this an acceptable trade off. The iPhone SE also lacks the new 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S, so if you love that, then it could be a key factor. Another important thing to consider is that both iPhones have the same processing speeds, which is great considering the lower price of the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE has a slightly slower 4G modem, but unless you live somewhere with 150Mbit 4G internet, you can’t utilize it anyway!

If you love to take photos then you are going to be happily surprised, both the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S have the same rear facing cameras, neither are great compared to the competition, but the iPhone SE’s price tag makes it an acceptable trade off. The front-facing camera on the iPhone SE is only the older 1.2 MP, compared to the 5MP model on the iPhone 6S.

If you are looking for a longer battery life then you’re in for a pleasant surprise, the iPhone SE lasts almost 50% longer than its older brother, the iPhone 6S. A smaller battery also means your iPhone SE will charge about 20 minutes faster than the iPhone 6S.

For a $150 lower entry level price the iPhone SE makes a very big splash, especially if you aren’t married to the idea of larger smartphones!