Our Reviews | Top Rated Phone Repair | Hays Phone Doctor - Part 2


Just got my lifeline/ phone fixed in less than an hour, for less$$

Mandee McClung,

After my iPhone 6 battery stopped holding a charge, I called Hays Phone Doctor looking to buy a replacement battery. I spoke to Ryan, who informed me they didn't sell just the parts, but quoted an iPhone 6 battery replacement at only $5 more than the replacement battery I was looking at from an online parts supplier. Not wanting to wait a week for a battery to ship to my home, I went down to their store and gave Ryan my phone. He knew exactly what he was doing, he was very personable, and within 10 minutes he was done. I'm glad I decided to go with them. They have great prices and include a warranty. I'd definitely recommend Hays Phone Doctor to anyone in the Hays area.

Taylor Huebner,

The people at phone doctor are very nice. I explained what happened and how I shattered it and they told us how much it would cost and how long it took. They had it done and ready to go within 45 mins!

Anna Galliher,

Got a new battery put in within 8 minutes or less. Fast and great service!

Christina Weigel-Gao,

Was in full panic mode when I dropped my phone in water. The last two times I've done that, I've had to pay for a whole new phone or over 200$. They were able to fix it for 20$ and were super fast and helpful!

Maggie Thibault,

Called on the way to Hays he was able to work on phone without an appointment and did excellent job.

Ron Durland,

I went in to get help because I was trying to replace my cracked screen with a kit. Come to find out that I had the wrong screen. My old phone was shot too. The gentleman at the phone dr helped me out and great with customer care!! I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Darcy Good-Kimbrel,

Went in with the my iPhone's audio jack plugged. Took maybe a minute for them to get the debris out. They were super friendly and didn't bother charging me since it was a quick fix. Awesome service.

John Drees,
Replaced iPhone Screen in 1hour. Fast, professional, and reasonably priced for what needed to be done. Cost about $200 for a 6S.
Zane Swafford,

Shattered my phone completely today at 1:50pm, took it to the Phone Doctor at 2, came back at 3:15pm and it was done!! Like brand new! Absolutely amazing. I recommend Ryan for your phone needs!!

With 3 kids, seems like I am always needing a phone or tablet fix these days. Ryan is always friendly, knowledgable and quick to get us back on the mobile internet. His hours, location and service is genuinely focused on great customer service. We will be going back, I'm sure of it!

Julie Kitchener,

The great professional people at hays phone doctor repaired iPhone 5s lcd screen and glass in less than an hour great job. Need a phone fixed I would take it to them.

Dean Birdsall,

Great experience at Hays Phone Doctor today!! Fixed Mallory's phone and mine in under an hour and both look great!! Thank you!

Marie Henderson,

My I-Phone 6S fell out of my side pocket this past weekend and shattered the glass. I took it into the Phone Doctor. Talked with Dylan, told him what happened. He told me what it was going to take to fix it & how much it was going to cost. Took all the info said it would be ready in about 45 minutes. Picked it up, looked brand new, couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great customer service. Robert

Robert Degenhardt,
Very efficient, good work. Offers drinks and snacks if you're waiting In store.
Emily Divittore,

Very helpful & quick! Not only fixed my phone, but informed me of ways to better insure my screen for future cracks. Would highly recommend.

Katerina Pabst ,

Super fast! Loved it! My phone was cracked and the screen was bad, it only took them 45 minutes to fix it. I am very happy with the results! Thank you!

Ashley Dolph,

Service was extremely quick, staff was very friendly and personable.

Michael Argo,

Granddaughter was visiting from out of town and her phone went kaput. Knowing we had an 8 hour drive in front of us to get her home, we knew she'd "need" her phone. We went in and in under 30 seconds they had it working no problem. They didn't even charge us! He explained what had happened just in case it ever happens again. Great service and knowledgeable staff! We are lucky to have them in Hays.

Mary Hammond,

Walked in and was helped right away. Very friendly. Told him that my phone wouldn't charge. Clean a lot of dirt out the input and plugged it in and was done. Worked perfectly and told me it was free of charge because it only took him a few minutes! Awesome business.

Joshua Johnson,

Service was extremely quick, staff was very friendly and personable.

Michael Argo,

IPhone 6 went In and out in 45 mins, from completely non working with black screen with static lines to crystal clear brand new screen! Did great job!

Trayce Dinkel,

My experience was fantastic. Totally customer focused, rapid assessment, and professionally repaired the iPhone. If your phone needs a "do over" bring it here.

Rick Feltenberger,

I've had my cell phone screen fixed twice and my iPad screen, they were great and fast! Great customer service! Thanks guys!

Celeste Schippers,

Had my iPad Air screen replaced in no time!  Super friendly, fast, and affordable. Great customer service!  Thanks again 🙂

Katy Amrein,