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They got my daughters phone fixed in just 30 mins and where very reasonable priced they made our day.

Tera Yohon,

Amazingly quick and friendly service. I'll be back!

Betsy Crawford,

great and fast service for a reasonable price,... Knowledgeable and very friendly.

Brina Robinson,

I bought a used iPhone from the guys at Phone Doctor. They had a 30 day warranty and my screen quit working 6 days after the warranty expired. They didn't even blink an eye. No hassle. No fuss. My phone is fixed. Customer service of this caliber is hard to find. Thank you!!!

Chad Titterington,

Awesome service!! Super friendly, knowledgable, and fixed my shattered iPhone screen in about 1/2 hour. Looks terrific and they warranty their work. I called around for pricing beforehand and these guys had the best price for this service.

Lisa Whipple,

Repaired a shattered screen and bent mute button for a fair price in less than an hour. Great customer service too. Most definitely would recommend.

Lacey Gregory,

I have had two phones fixed here and I had no problems. Great and fast service!

Kylie Waldschmidt,

Great place! Replaced my battery in no time and very friendly! Thanks!

Amy Schoendaller Knipp ,

Prompt service, quick fix, fair price.
Would recommend to others

Mike Stamper,

I'm from Texas and I was visiting family but still required to use my iPad for school work and it stopped charging. The guy I seen was very welcoming and kind. He greeted me with a smile and tentative ears for my concerns. He touched my iPad and it began to charge for him. He has the magic touch. Thank goodness it's working again!! Thanks sir! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Marsha Avery,

After my iphone 5s screen got broken, I could get it fixed quickly here for a decent price. The staff were friendly and timely!

Tabitha Marcotte,

Took iPhone 5 in to get fresh battery installed and was out of there in less than 5 minutes. Excellent, fast, friendly and reasonably priced service. Will definitely go back for any future needs, shall they arise. Thank you 🙂

Tausha Cox-Stahl,

Friendly service. Took them 5 minutes to fix my phone and didn't charge anything because nothing needed replaced! If I have any problems in the future I will go back.

MacKenzie Thornburg,

I dropped my phone and one corner of the screen had popped out. I took it in and they fixed it within 3 minutes and didn't charge me. You guys rock!

Shanté Korbe,

Walked in....diagnosed within seconds and fixed within 5.....very professional, knowledgable, and courteous!!!! Highly recommend!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Melissa Palmer Robb,

Coworker dropped heavy object onto IPad crushing corner of screen into LED even with life proof case. fixed good as new.

Brian Taliaferro,

I'm very impressed with the service provided. There were some complications with the repair of my daughters ipad and it took MUCH longer ger than anticipated. Even though it was not entirely their fault they still made it right. We will be back for future repairs.

Janae Morton,

We have taken phones in several different times. The are always kind, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced.

Andrea Meier,

My phone was bent in the shape of a "V" with a crushed screen and was basically not working. The guys were actually excited to see it and took the challenge to get it in operating order. I was amazed, happy and extremely thankful they accomplished the task. That was in June and my phone is working great!

Terri Richardson,

The service was great had my I phone se shattered screen replaced in about an hour as promised like new again and price was a fair deal.

Brian Runnalls,

Cracked my Samsung Galaxy S5 screen. Brought it into Hays Phone Doctor and had it fixed in 45 minutes. Thanks!

Kenton Lindsey,

I had a problem with my phone not being able to charge so i went to the phone doctor and it was a fast and easy fix. I definitely would recommend these guys, thanks a lot.

Lavaughnte Gibson,
Iphone 6 screen replacement Very quick and looks brand new!! Thanks phone doctor
Christy Cunningham,

Amazing customer service! My iPhone 6+ screen was cracked & I was in & out within 20 minutes! Friendly, Fast & cheaper than an insurance claim!

Megan Norris,

Took less than 5 minutes to change my battery! Thanks again!

Stefan Haynes,