Portable Charging!

It's probably happened to you at least once, midway through your day, your phone decides it needs juice. Typically this occurs at the most inconvenient time where there's no place to plug in. While mobile battery packs have been available for a long time just recently have they become a smart choice for all users alike. Mobile battery packs are small and can hold several charges within them. They are absolutely great when your on the go, at a festival, or even at a concert to make sure you get all the pictures! Here at Hays Phone Doctor we have the accessories to make your life easier. We offer 3 different sizes to best fit you needs.

Please refer to the chart below to see which size would be best for you.

Device 3000mAh 6000mAh 9000mAh
iPhone 6+/6S+ 1 Full Charge 2 Charges 3 Charges
iPhone 6/6S 1.5 Charges 3 Charges 5 Charges
iPhone 5/5C/5S 2 Charges 4 Charges 6 Charges
iPad Air 30% Charge 70% Charge 1 Full Charge
iPad Mini 40% Charge 90% Charge 1+ Charge
Samsung Note 5 1 Full Charge 2 Charges 3 Charges
Samsung S6 1 Full Charge 2 Charges 3 Charges
LG G4 1 Full Charge 2 Charges 3 Charges