New iPhone malware for jailbroken phones

At least 225,000 iPhone's have been compromised from a new iPhone malware dubbed "Key Raider", although it only affects phones that are jailbroken. Jailbreaking refers to removing the operating system hardware restrictions on an Apple devices. It allows the user to download non-Apple approved applications.

“The average iPhone user is not affected by this,” said Tyler Reguly, manager of the vulnerability and exposure research team at Tripwire, a Portland-based security company.

The malware was reported by security firm Palo Alto Networks earlier this week. The malware steals Apple account usernames, passwords, and device information by intercepting iTunes traffic on the user’s device.

“It gets on the phone when the user downloads an infected app – one that didn’t come from Apple’s App Store,” said Apple spokesman, Ryan James. “To protect our users from malware, we curate App Store content and ensure all apps in the App Store adhere to our developer guidelines. This issue only impacts those who not only have jailbroken devices, but have also downloaded malware from untrusted sources.”

Here are some examples of what jailbreaking allows you to do with your iPhone: