Frequently Asked


Q: What happens to my phone's manufacturer warranty?

A: When a phone is damaged or worked on, the manufacturer warranty becomes void. In most cases the warranty is voided before you even bring your phone to us. We follow up each repair with a life-time warranty for parts and labor installed. (The warranty does not cover if there is any new damage to the phone after the original repair)

Q: Will I be able to file an insurance claim after I have my phone repaired with you?

A: Absolutely! We do not affect the eligibility of your insurance coverage.

Q: Will I be able to return my phone to my carrier for an upgrade in the future?

A: Absolutely! As long as the phone is it's original color and nothing is broken on the phone then they will take it in as trade. But remember we also buy back used phones for cash instead of a credit to your account.

Q: What does the repair price include?

A: All quotes given include the part cost and labor as one price.

Q: Do you accept mail-in repairs?

A: No we do not. Due to the nature of phone repairs, it is necessary to see the phone in person and verify the functionality of the phone.

Q: What if I already have the part for my broken phone but don't want to fix it myself?

A: We will install the part on your phone, but we can not guarantee the part will work or offer any kind of warranty for the device once the repair is complete.

Q: What if I tried to fix my phone, but I got overwhelmed and it's in pieces?

A: Bring the phone and all the parts/screws in and we will definitely get it put back together for you. No guarantee or warranty can be given for these repairs.

Q: Do you sell parts only?

A: No, we do not. We only provide a service of fixing phones.

Q: Do I need an appointment to get my device fixed?

A: No appointment is needed. Just drop on by whenever is most convenient for you.

Q: What happens if you can not fix my phone? (Water or board damage)

A: If we can't fix your phone then you will owe us nothing unless stated up front for certain diagnostics or liquid damage deposits.