Apple Releases Error 53 Fix in iTunes

Apple recently released a new update for its iOS operating systems that were disabled with the unknown error 53 bug. Error 53 was said to be a security measure by Apple, adding it was caused by a feature put in place to prevent the iPhone's fingerprint sensor from being expolited. Instead, the error 53 issue made a person's perfectly working iPhone into an expensive paperweight. The update that they released will restore phones bricked by error 53 and will prevent iPhones that need their home button replaced from becoming unusable. Please note that this will not re-enable Touch ID.

Allowing a 3rd-party Touch ID button to function correctly without an official Apple repair center verifying that the sensor is legitimate and recalibrating the button to work with your iPhone's Secure Enclave is a massive security risk. A corrupted part could allow unauthorized privileges to your phone's data. Apple was absolutely correct to disable Touch ID from working after having a home button replaced, but they should've never completely disabled a customer's expensive iPhone for getting your home button replaced at a reasonable cost. If you want to keep Touch ID functionality, Apple can replace your home button and re calibrate your iPhone's Touch ID settings, but if you don't want to spend an arm and a leg to replace your phone's home button, you can have your local repair shop replace it without worry.